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How to use Flash after it's Discontiued

May 28, 2020

Flashpoint running on Linux(Playing ClickDeath Company Closedown)

Starting this year, 2021, Adobe is discontinuing Adobe Flash. So websites that usually show Flash games have transition over to HTML5 for online games.

But there is still a way to play Flash games and animations in 2021, thanks to a program called Flashpoint Infintity, which is available for Windows, Linux(Chromebook too), and macOS. With Flashpoint, you get a large category of Flash games and animations.

Installing Flashpoint


Simply run the installer and follow on screen instruction, if any shows.
After installing is done, open the software.

Flashpoint will ask you where you want to install the category of flash games, select a location, and let it download and extract.
Downloading usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

Once download is completed, you’ll be ask to restart Flashpoint. Restart the software and all games and animations should visible in the category tabs now.