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How to Install IPAs onto your iPhone with AltStore(with Windows Method)

September 02, 2020


What is AltStore? AltStore is a native, sandboxed iOS application that allows a user to sideload applications(IPAs) with less hassle by tricking your device into thinking it’s your app that you built, when really it can be any app.

So basically, this is a free way of installing an app without paying for an Apple Developer account, which would cost you $100.

So how does this work? After AltStore is installed, you basically just upload an API file to it, sign into your Apple ID, and AltStore will start installing it to your device.

What is an IPA file? An IPA file is an iOS application file which stores an iOS app. Each IPA file includes a binary and can only be installed to iOS devices.
So if you know what a APK file is, it’s basically the same thing.

Make sure, before doing so, that you already have iCloud and iTunes installed on your Windows 10 computer and that you’re already signed into your Apple ID for both. In iCloud, make sure Bookmarks is marked on, or else it won’t work, I’m not sure why that is.
Download AltStore for Windows, open it, and you should see a diamond icon in your system tray. Now plug in your device, click “Trust Computer” on your device, and left click on the diamond icon in your system tray. Go to install and select your device. Sign into your Apple ID and AltStore will attempt to install itself onto your device, this usually takes around 5 – 10 seconds to do. A notification should pop up confirming that AltStore is installed.

Now with the AltStore installed on our device, we can use an IPA file to install…pretty much anything. Download the IPA file you want to your device, then in the AltStore under My Apps, click on the plus icon in the upper left, and select the IPA file. Sign into your Apple ID(required each time) and AltStore will install that IPA to your device.