Korbs Studio

OBS v27 Brings Wayland Support and More

What the hell is Wayland?

OBS having native Wayland support out of the box is great news for Linux, but wait, what is Wayland? Wayland is a protocol that specificies the communication between a display server and its client. It’s built to replace Xorg as it’s more secure and stable. What desktop environments that Wayland is being ported to is GNOME and KDE. Ubuntu has recently switched it’s GNOME desktop back to Wayland by default.

Now the other question is why did OBS need to add support for this? When attempting to screenshare with any application, using Wayland, the screen will only appear black if the application doesn’t support Wayland. The reason why Wayland outputs a black screen, is for security reasons, so hackers can’t see your screen. If application, in this case OBS 27.0, supports Wayland it would show a box on screen where you have to give permission to the app to have access to your screen. You’ll need to do this everytime you open that application.

Oops, Let’s Undo That

After almost a whole decade, it’s finally here! You can now undo in OBS Studio. So next time you move something in the preview window by mistake, you can simply undo it. Although I’m unsure why an undo button wasn’t added for such a long time, the amount of small mistakes streamers and users have made.

You can see the rest of the changelogs here: https://projectobs.com/en/news/obs-studio-27-0/