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General - [email protected]

Support - [email protected]

If you’re having trouble with a website, software, or general source code developed by Korbs Studio.

Reporting a Vulnerability - [email protected]

If there are any vulnerabilities, don’t hesitate to report them.

  1. Please email [email protected].
  2. Describe the vulnerability.

    If you have a fix, that is most welcome – please attach or summarize it in your message!

  3. I(Korbs Studio) will evaluate the vulnerability and, if necessary, release a fix or mitigating steps to address it. I will contact you to let you know the outcome, and will credit you in the report.

    Please do not disclose the vulnerability publicly until a fix is released!

  4. Once I have either a) published a fix, or b) declined to address the vulnerability for whatever reason, you are free to publicly disclose it.

Korbs Studio tries to take security as serious as possible. In most chances, you may end up needing to contact Korbs Studio via the Session application for intense security and privacy.

Request Access - [email protected]

THIS IS FOR EMPLOYERS ONLY! Use the subject “Request Access” if you need access to additional resources controlled by Korbs Studio like analytics, source code, fonts, and more. After your request, you’ll recieve a login to get access or an attachment to what you needed.

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Most websites developed by Korbs Studio will have Plausible added to it. You have the option to make your analytics public for everyone to see or to keep it private. If you want it to stay private, then you’ll need to also request access.

If you’ve recently hired Korbs Studio to developed your website, by default analytics will go public after a month when the site goes live. Then, within that month’s timeframe, you can choose to keep it private or go public.

Domain and Domain Transfers

If you’re hired Korbs Studio to setup your domain, you’ll need to request access so you can update the DNS and other domain properties in the future. Cloudflare is the current domain provider used by Korbs Studio, which means a transfer will need to occur and Korbs Studio will need access on your end instead.

Source Code

At Korbs Studio, 99% of the time, the source code will be public to view on Korbs Studio Code. However, there are some cases where some employers have requested to keep the source code closed.

Korbs Studio keeps most of it’s code on it’s own domain, meaning you’ll to sign up on Korbs Studio Code and then get access.