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Korbs Studio is proudly built on open source!



Bridgetown is a next-generation, progressive site generator & fullstack framework, powered by Ruby. Bridgetown takes your content, API data, and frontend assets; renders templates in Markdown, Liquid, ERB, and many other formats; and exports a complete website ready to be served by fast CDNs like Render or traditional web servers like Caddy or Nginx.


Docker takes away repetitive, mundane configuration tasks and is used throughout the development lifecycle for fast, easy and portable application development – desktop and cloud. Docker’s comprehensive end to end platform includes UIs, CLIs, APIs and security that are engineered to work together across the entire application delivery lifecycle.


Electron is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It takes care of the hard parts so you can focus on the core of your application.

Fedora Linux

Developed by the Fedora Project. Fedora contains software distributed under various free and open-source licenses and aims to be on the leading edge of open-source technologies. Fedora is the upstream source for Red Hat Enterprise Linux.


Gitea is a community managed lightweight code hosting solution written in Go. It is published under the MIT license.


The leading open source automation server, Jenkins provides hundreds of plugins to support building, deploying and automating any project.


Plausible Analytics is an open-source project dedicated to making web analytics more privacy-friendly. Our mission is to reduce corporate surveillance by providing an alternative web analytics tool which doesn’t come from the AdTech world.


Formspark is a simple way to save information from your website via forms without having to set up a server.


Forget downloading large and expensive Photoshop files. With Smartmockups you can create stunning mockups right inside your browser no matter where you are. To get more, you can even create mockups on the go on your mobile devices.

Some technologies may be missing from the list.