Mojang Release a New Minecraft Launcher

Recently, a new update was rolled out and a whole new launcher was revealed! You can still do all the same things as you could back on the old launcher, except you can only have one account logged in. The Installations page shows a list of profiles you have added along with the latest version of Minecraft. Appears some people are having trouble editing profiles, not sure why so here is how to configure profiles:

This Spotify Client is the Best! Xpotify

This is Xpotify, a modern Spotify client for Windows 10. Xpotify at its core is a wrapped version of Spotify’s PWA. It has several Windows 10-specific features added to it, but the first thing to do is compare the portion of the app that is made from Spotify’s PWA to Spotify’s Desktop app. The PWA doesn’t replace the desktop version of Spotify, but in many ways, is better. It feels faster, arguably looks better, and is very responsive when navigating. You can listen to your playlists, music, albums, and artists, and search Spotify’s catalogue...

Review on Opera 60

Opera 60 was designed to be more secure and faster to surf the world wide web with a better experience. With Opera 60, the team from Opera is introducing a new, borderless design inspired by low-key and high-key lighting photography. It turns the browser into the perfect frame for the Web.

Wix Desktop

I have been working on an electron app for the past week and been learning new tricks with it too. I would like to release and I did, by releasing the alpha version early to macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Zorin 15

Zorin 15 is currently in beta and it’s looking great so far in it’s beta release! Zorin 15 is more touch screen interface friendly, more connection with your phone, better performance for a wide variety of old and new hardware, new designs, supports snap, and much more.

Make Your Old Computer New Again

As computers age over time, they slow down and get worn out. There is a way to make them fast again by ditching Windows and installing ChromeOS, which is what Chromebooks run off of. What is Chrome OS exactly? Chrome OS is a Linux kernel-based operating system designed by Google. It is derived from the free software Chromium OS and uses the Google Chrome web browser as its principal user interface. As a result, Chrome OS primarily supports web applications.

Why You Should Install Optifine into Minecraft

Most players say to install Optifine if your computer is slow or too old or can’t handle Minecraft’s rendering engine, yes this is true, you should install Optifine if it is. You should even consider still installing it if you have a computer that is buff, high end, fast, and can handle the game just fine. Optifine doesn’t just optimize the game for you, it also gives you some extra features like shaders.

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