Adding Dark Mode to Adobe Xd

Adding Dark Mode to Adobe Xd

Adobe Xd does not have a dark mode(yet), so we'll have to take action ourselfs! This method that we will be using is a Windows only method, so this will work for Windows 10 only. At the bottom of this post are two download buttons, first download the Take Ownership file first. Open the Take Ownership file and add it to the registation of Windows. This will add a Take Ownership option to the shift right click context menu.

Navigate your way to the Adobe Xd folder: C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\

Find the folder that starts with something like "Adobe.CC.XD_" and look for the "Themes" folder in it. Shift right-click on the themes folder and click Take Ownership so you can get all access to it. It should not take long, as there should only be a few files in it. Replace the "General.xaml" file with the one below this post. After all of that, please open/restart Adobe Xd, once you open a project you'll see the dark mode.


Take OwnershipGeneral.xaml