Minecraft 1.15

October 4th, 2019

Minecraft 1.15 is a major update of the Java edition, adding new a mob like bees and new items like honeycomb and so on. We will be covering a few things coming to the game. For techincal stuff like commands and what not, you can read more about that here on Gamepedia's Minecraft wiki.


Bees are a new flying mob being added into Minecraft. Bees, of course, will collect honey and if you're not nice to them they will sting. Mobs are a neutral by default, and will become hostile if you hit them just like wolfs. Adult bees are half a block wide and half a block tall, while the baby bees are a quarter block wide and a quarter block tall. Mojang made bees these sizes, as they find it to be the cutest size for the game, after all this game is aimed for kids(adults can play too btw). Bees are the first flying insects and first flying neutral mobs introduced to Minecraft. The other insects are silverfish and endermites. Bees are the only arthropod mob that do not count as mobs necessary to earning the Monster Hunter / Monsters Hunted advancements.

Bees can be found flying around in groups around bee hives that are hanging from oak to birch trees. There is a 5% of finding a bee hive in these trees during world generation. Hives can be commonly found in the Flower Forest biome, for obvious reasons.

To breed bees, you are to use a flower, then they the two bees will breed and create a baby bee granting the player experience. After a pair of bees get done breeding, they have to wait 5 minutes to breed again.

Bee Nest

Bee nest is a new block added to game with the addition of bees. Obviously they're used to store honey and is a home for bees. As for bee hives, they're a crafted version of a bee nest and probably should be used to create bee farms. With hives, you can start collecting honey. They are several ways to obtain the honey from these hives, you can use a shear to get honeycombs, or use an empty glass bottle to get a glass of honey.

Honey Blocks

Another addition of bees is the new honey block! These blocks can be more stickier than slime blocks, jumping will be very small, makes you walk very slow, can not be sprint on, and will move any mobs on it when pushed by a piston.


New gamerules were added:

fireDamage: Weather a player should take fire damage

fallDamage: Weather a player should take fall damage

doImmediateRespawn: Players respawn immediately without showing the death screen

doInsomnia: Weather phantoms are to spawn during the nighttime

Other Changes:

  • Bells will now ring if powered by redstone
  • Campfires can now be put out by using a shovel
  • Blocks can now be placed on top of the farmland without the block turning into a dirt block, even if it was pushed with a piston
  • Iron doors must now be mined with a pickaxe for it drop be as an item
  • Melon and pumkin's attached stems now drop their seeds again when broken
  • When placing a rail, it now faces the player instead of facing either north or south
  • Sponges will dry out in the nether
  • When using a bot in a furnace, one boat will now smelt 6 item instead of just smelting 1 item
  • Parrots will remain on player's shoulder when riding an entity
  • Breedable mobs will now sometimes spawn babies in the group
  • Any world in hardcore mode will now prompt to the menu on the death screen
  • If a player were to try to sleep in a bed that is being used by a villager, the villager wil be kicked out of bed(which is rude btw)
  • When using the /kill command, the default paremeter is now @s by default, if there no arguments given to the command
  • Chunk update counter will no longer appear on the debug screen
  • Learn More about Minecraft 1.15

    If you want more details about the update like new commands and other stuff, you can get a lot of information from Gamepedia's Minecraft Wiki. Click here to go there now.