Logitech Acquire Streamlabs

September 30th, 2019

What is Streamlabs?

Streamlabs is a screen recorder/streaming software built on Open Broadcast Software, mostly well known as OBS. Compared to the well known software OBS, Streamlabs is more user friendly for new comers wanting to record or stream, it already helps streamers setup their live streams, track their donations from their viewers, make it easy to create overlays, and more.

Logitech already makes popular gaming and streaming gear like keyboards, mice, webcams, and owns the Blue Microphone. So, Logitech owning Streamlabs should make better intergration with all of the hardware already used by streamers. On the website of Streamlabs, they claim that up to 15,000,000 people are using their software to live stream.

Recently, Twitch just released their own live streaming software, named Twitch Studio, that is meant to help new streamers get started on their platform. This is probably to help keep the platform more popular while competing with Mixer(another live streaming platform). Compared to Streamlabs, you can live stream to more platforms like YouTube, Mixer, Facebook, and more.