Dream Frame

Discord Theme

What is Dream Frame

Dream Frame offers few options to customize like custom background and colors. This theme is the best translucent look to Discord, nothing can beat it!

  • Custom Background
  • Custom Background Options
  • Custom Accent Colors
  • Dream Frame Lite

    The Lite version of Dream Frame is built for low end computers and is also built on a low end computer to make sure all users can have a great experience. The following features were removed from Lite for low end usage: All custom options but custom background, blur effects, animations, and full transparency. Since this edition of Dream Frame removes all blur effects, the Chromium Experimental Options isn't required to use Dream Frame Lite.

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    Powercord BetterDiscord Powercord

    Download Dream frame Lite

    Powercord BetterDiscord


    Electron App

    What is Chirp

    Use the mobile twitter app from the convenience of a desktop application, works on Mac, Linux and windows.

    This a modified version of the official application. So what's the diference between this and the official Chirp app? Well more feature, of course. This modified version of Chirp will include it's own context menu, stylish Twitter site, themes, and more. As of right now, we're in alpha stages, so there are broken stuff in the app.

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