Road Map




  • Startup of
  • userverge, which also was acquired by Korbs Studio in 2017, will be transformed into a tutorial-based website. This project is currently under development and is open for contributions on GitHub.

  • Rebrand Korbs Studio
  • Korbs Studio has grown by leaps and bounds over the years to what it is now. It's not a company because "Korbs Studio" is only an individual. Although I have no idea how the rebranding will go or what will change, I am eager to get started.

  • Expand Connections in Korbs Studio
  • I'll be looking at partnering with other companies, projects, and individuals to encourage more visitors to Korbs Studio. Benefits for such will be looked at further or may be dependent on their service and/or circumstances.

  • Idle Development
  • YouTube tutorials for self-hosting Minecraft servers will be uploaded to Idle Development's old channel.

  • Discontinue
  • Korbscraft is no longer actively updated upon, which is why I intend to stop all material related to it. There are already plans to suspend its own YouTube channel and abandon it to an archive server. (Now available at Anything Minecraft-related done on Korbs Studio will now be attributed to as Korbs Studio rather than Korbscraft.


  • Create a new Minecraft Network under Korbs Studio
  • I'd seem to want to return to working on a Minecraft network; the name of this network has yet to be decided. Although, this time, I want the network to be more distinct and different, standing out from the crowd. Although, in this day and age, that may be difficult. As a result, I may search for more volunteers to assist with this project. Furthermore, I want the server ready for release by 2024, and it is likely to take a full year to complete.