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Road Map


Discontinue Dream Frame

Sadly, I no longer focus on the project like I use to, all of my focus nowadays are on FalixNodes. So Dream Frame, a theme for Discord, will be discontinued.

(As of October 2022, I no longer have a Discord account)

Create Mobile App for FalixNodes (iOS/Android)

Create a mobile app for FalixNodes’ customers to use to access FalixNodes’ services all from one place on their phone like their client and game panel, help center, status, and more.

(Now available)

Find a More Stable OS for Korbs Studio Server

The current machine used for the server has issues with Windows Server and Ubuntu-based distros. I’m currently looking into Arch Linux and Fedora.

(Successfully switched to Fedora Server)


Merge Help Center and Desktop Website on FalixNodes

I work on three parts of FalixNodes’ website and that is the help center, desktop app landing page, and the homepage. I would like to see all of these merged into the homepage so that everything is on the root domain.


Release FalixNodes Desktop v4 by the end of the year

FalixNodes Desktop v4 has been in development since November of 2021. There are still a lot of things to do. Read More.

Ditching Platforms

For the sake of privacy, Korbs Studio will be ditching platforms like Twittter, Discord, Youtube, and more. This is also for a new project called StartPrivacy

I have no plans to replace Discord with any other services, no such thing as a good replacement.

Any videos or series I plan on making in the future will be right here on the website.

Switching to Open Source Software


Opening Services

Korbs Studio will be running more services, for people to use, on it’s server starting in 2023. Some of this is opening right now in 2022.

Services (Currently):

Want something hosted on Korbs Studio Server? Request Service

Begin Operation of StartPrivacy

StartPrivacy is a new project in the works! Simliar to others websites like privacy tools and privacy blogs, along with more interaction with the community.

Expand Connections in Korbs Studio

I’ll be looking at partnering with other companies, projects, and individuals to encourage more visitors to Korbs Studio. Benefits for such will be looked at further or may be dependent on their service and/or circumstances.

If you’re interested in helping out or partnering with Korbs Studio in some way or another, you can reach me at [email protected].

Purchasing a Mac

When working on development for desktop apps, supporting macOS has always been tricky since I don’t even own a Mac and my VMs of macOS are always too slow and eventfully break making them unusable.

Help me purchase a Mac by supporting me on Ko-Fi.


Video Series

Create Mastodon Instance

I’ll be creating my own instance for Mastodon, which will join the Fediverse too.

Lauch Minecraft Network

I’d seem to want to return to working on a Minecraft network; the name of this network has yet to be decided. Although, this time, I want the network to be more distinct and different, standing out from the crowd. Although, in this day and age, that may be difficult. As a result, I may search for more volunteers to assist with this project, and it is likely to take a full year to complete. Expanded to be release to public in either 2025 or 2026 depending on the progress.